Welcome to Too Many Rocks In Your Pocket - Training and Exercise for your Brain

The idea came through extensive work as a nationwide business consultant & advisor for over 20 years; whereas, through discovery many clients would allow stresses to build-up and end up affecting their business and personal performance. This is how we came up with “Too Many Rocks In Your Pocket”.

Stress Rocks Goal: Too Many Rocks in your Pocket was designed to help make us more aware of the stress we face on a daily basis and as a vehicle to help end the day by relieving those stresses for the night.

Stress Rocks Objective: To daily wipe the slate clean of the variety of issues that have taken up a stressful space in your life.

Steps for Daily Use of Stress Rocks

1. As you go through your day, when a stress issue occurs select the appropriate rock.
2. Then place the rock in your pocket, purse, backpack or in a spot that makes the weight noticeable as a reminder to empty rocks at the end of the day.
3. At the end of the day “empty the rocks out” to confront the identified stress issue(s) one at a time. For a daily stress, ease that stress space for the day rather than putting it on top of each new day.

Other Use of Stress Rocks

• Family Time - A talking point during family time for all ages.
• Small Group – A means of communication to assist in a group gathering.
• Ice Breaker – A tool to be used as an opening remark to generate a discussion by breaking down the topic into smaller pieces.

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